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Stickland Park Playground

SCF donated money for several pieces of the playground.

stillwater strong.webp

Stillwater Strong Memorial

SCF provided the donation vehicle to fund and pay for the memorial.

Historic Projects and Community Involvement

Whether it is through historic memorials like the Stillwater Strong Memorial or through smaller, deliberate projects like the Southern Woods Park Splash Pad, Stillwater Community Foundation (SCF) serves as a homebase for charitable deeds in Stillwater, OK. The mission of the SCF is to help our citizens achieve their dreams for the city. We make this happen by helping Stillwater organizations raise funds, building endowments and spearheading special projects.

Other notable projects include contributions to the Stillwater Public Library, Stillwater Community Center and past involvement in Shop for a Cop and the Winfrey Houston fund. 


Splash Pad in Stillwater

SCF helped fund the construction of both Stillwater's splash pads.

The next SCF project will be displayed soon.

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